Tuesday, October 9, 2018

healthy goals for the cluttered mind!

Happy fall! As a busy gal, I made a point this school year to establish some self-care related goals to keep my life in perspective as I got swept away by the mountain of work I seem to accumulate this time of year. Whether this serves as a friendly reminder or inspiration for those looking for small but mighty ways to improve your life, here are those goals.

1. Get more sleep 

I'd fallen into a bad habit of getting very minimal sleep (I'm talking 3-4 hours) on a regular basis and then trying to catch up over the weekend. This year I've started prioritizing my sleep, choosing to sleep over do more homework or study longer. It may have seemed counterintuitive in the beginning, but I feel like I'm performing much better in school, and I feel a lot happier overall. Sleep's my miracle pill-- I'm telling you!!

2. Eat real food 

I've really started focusing on keeping my processed foods consumption down to a minimum as much as possible and eating real, whole foods. My breakfast now is typically a smoothie-- making it a completely processed foods-free breakfast! I've also been doing a much better job of packing a better lunch-- switching it up as much as possible.

3. Read more books (watch less TV)

Reading and I go way back, and while I find time to read a lot over the summer, I typically fall of the wagon during the school year. A huge goal of mine this year was to make time for reading, and I feel I've done a decent job of that. I try to keep Netflix off during the weekdays and reach for my current novel before bed.

4. Be more social

Okay, going to be completely honest, this one's hard for me. I'm the type of person who really likes zoning out to music and spending my free time squeezing in another assignment while I'm at school, but I've really made an effort to connect more with the people around me and spend time with all my friends (not just one or two). I've gotta say-- it's crazy who'll you end up closer with if you just put in a little more effort and smile just a tad bit more often!

5. Obsess about grades less 

This one really depends on your situation, but for me, I really need to take a chill pill when it comes to school sometimes. I personally have been putting in a lot of work when it comes to school, but I also think it's important to relax and not beat yourself up over imperfections. You should never let a grade ruin your love for a subject.

And that completes my list of healthy habits I've started introducing into my life! Let me know what-- if any-- changes you've been introducing to your own life lately!

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