Sunday, August 26, 2018

how to set yourself up for a good school year

Hello all! For me, my last full week of summer is next week, so I'm really getting into gear for the school year. As someone who's overall quality of life decreases significantly during the school year, I figured I'd share all the things I personally do to make sure i'm setting myself up for the best school year I can- academically and outside of school as well.

As I said, these are all things I actually do or believe in doing, so what works for me may not be helpful for you at all. I'm personally in the camp that supports trying everything at least once before you knock it.

So here we go!

1. write a letter to yourself

Remind yourself of the things that you love and that make you happy so that when you're stressed and busy with school, you have something tugging on your sleeve to make time for the things that will add something positive to your life. It's easy to forget to do things like read or journal or draw when you're buried under homework, but that little reminder can move it to the forefront of your brain. Personally, it's good to read something I wrote when I was in a really good place to remind me that whatever stress or anxiety I'm feeling is temporary.

2. create an hour-by-hour schedule

This is something I only recently started doing this summer, but I found it tremendously helpful in boosting my productivity. Look at your day and map out what you're doing each hour so you can realize how much free time you actually have in your day. For me, I realized that, when in season, I really only have three hours in between getting home from practice and getting into bed for homework when you factor in eating and showering. That realization has made me hyper aware of how much time I wasted in the past Netflixing or scrolling through instagram on my phone instead of getting stuff done.

3. set healthy goals 

Figure out what things were holding you back last school year and make it a goal to improve upon them. For me, I decided I needed to establish a better sleep schedule and restrict my Netflix usage to weekends. I'm also trying to decrease my phone usage to less than an hour and half every day.

4. plan out meals 

Figuring out and grocery shopping for the things I want to eat for breakfast and lunch in advance is extremely helpful. Nutrition is something I really started cracking down these past couple years, and planning my meals helps tremendously. That way you know for sure where you'll stand calorically by the time your done with the school day, and you have a healthy breakfast ready to go for the school day.

5. do your homework 

This one I feel should go without saying, but I know too many people who ignore their summer assignments or try and do them all on the last day. If you actually do your homework, you'll start the year off much stronger than trying to fake your way through the first chapter of the class :)

Anyway, that covers all my advice for pre-school year preparation. Let me know what things you do before the school year kicks off to set yourself up!

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